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We are a Cisco Networking Academy dedicated to empowering students with comprehensive online coaching and bootcamp programs that ensure their success in certification exams

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Are you looking to advance your career in IT but struggling to pass your certification exams?

Look no further than Next Generation IT Academy! Our experienced trainers hold multiple IT certifications and have achieved great success in the industry, earning high salaries in the United States.

At Next Generation IT Academy, you have the opportunity to choose your trainer. Our online coaching sessions are in English, French, Spanish, and Creole, and we'll work with you to understand your unique situation and IT certification goals.

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We are here to provide the best IT training to help people from all backgrounds participate in the digital economy.

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Welcome to Next Generation IT Academy


  • You will receive online coaching from expert that will last between 4 to 6 months
  • Our expert will work with you to understand your unique situation and your IT certification goals.
  • We will register you for a class based on your needs and provide you with all the training materials you need to succeed, including videos, books, and software.
  • We will make a trainer available to you to cover any topics you don't understand and answer any questions you may have. You can choose a trainer who speaks your language.
  • You will have a lab session every two weeks.
  • We will work with you and provide you with exam certification models.
  • We will coach you and prepare you for the US job market.


  • Our face-to-face bootcamp provides 30 hours of training over 3 days in various locations across the United States. Check our website to see when and where our next bootcamp will be held.
  • In addition to our face-to-face training, we also offer a 30-hour online bootcamp.

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We provide a top-quality content that is meticulously curated and regularly updated to ensure our learners receive the most relevant and comprehensive information in their chosen field of study

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We have highly skilled instructors who are leaders in their fields, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to our programs

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Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, our world-class quizzes provide an opportunity to assess your skills and identify areas for improvement

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Get certified and unlock new opportunities in your career with our comprehensive certification programs